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What is now a darkened storefront in Rosebud Plaza used to be one of the biggest sources of bath salts in North Central West Virginia. But after the raids of "Hot Stuff Cool Things" stores in Clarksburg and Buckhannon, people are wondering what to expect in the aftermath of one of the area's largest drug busts of its kind.

Clarksburg City Council met for its regular meeting Thursday evening and addressed the raid.

"We have people that are there to help. If somebody has an addiction problem, whether it be drugs or alcohol, there are people to help. And that's what we'd like to see. We'd like to see people get their lives back. At the same time, we're wishful thinking, but we'd like less and less drugs in our city," said Mayor Patsy Trecost.

The Council also thanked Police Chief Marshall Goff for his contribution to the raids that closed the stores. Goff said it's great to have eliminated a source, but that his work, and the work of the community, is far from over.

"As a police department, we just have to keep our eyes open and be very cognizant of our surroundings. And the public is a big key to giving us information," Goff said.

Doctors like Christopher Goode at United Hospital Center said he expects cases of bath salt abuse to drop now that the store is closed, but that there's still a lot to do to heal its damage.

"So a lot of it is counseling. A lot of it is addressing that addiction as well as their other addictions, and perhaps folks can have long term effects. We're still not sure. This drug's been around for a year, and we're not sure what the long term effects are," Goode said.